• Device Work
  • Device Four Monochrome
  • Points of Contention at Playa del Fuego
  • Mesh in Snow
  • In Paint
  • Device Seven Scene
  • Essence
  • Reflections
  • QR Blue
  • Device One
  • Down to the Wire Detail
  • Swirls
  • Crusty Device With Twigs
  • Seven Cards
  • Continued Experimentation
  • Green Thing
  • Argument

Static Energy

I'm drawn towards nature but also towards technology. This dichotomy inspires my art to model shapes found in nature - curves, edges, and sharp corners - in plastic, metal, and other non-natural materials.

I work in sculpture, ink, paint, photography, and digital arts.

Please enjoy these works.

  - James Payne

At Work

Artist, Respirator, Goggles

I majored in art in college but then followed different paths, working in information technology, emergency medicine, and search and rescue. After a long hiatus from art I started creating sculpture again about ten years ago.

Recent Exhibitions

June 2015SculptureFest, Woodstock, Vermont - Argument
September 2015Ecovisions, Woodstock, Vermont - Twelve Hundred Pieces
June 2016SculptureFest, Woodstock, Vermont - Down to the Wire
October 2016Playa del Fuego, Townsend, Delaware - Down to the Wire
October 2016Groundings, Woodstock, Vermont - Twelve Hundred Pieces
May 2017Playa del Fuego, Townsend, Delaware - Swirls
July 2017North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show, North Bennington, Vermont - Swirls Redux
September 2017Governors Island Arts Festival, New York, New York - Swirls Twin
May 2018Playa del Fuego, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania - Points of Contention
June 2018Sculpturefest, Woodstock, Vermont - Snakie
July 2018North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show - Points of Contention
September 2018Governors Island Arts Festival, New York, New York - Points of Contention
October 2018LandARTLab, Woodstock, Vermont - Swarm

Twisted Paris

iPhone 5

Contact me

P. O. Box 251
Perkinsville, Vermont 05151

E-Mail: bxiie@bxiie.com
Phone: 202- 64- BXIIE